Art Basel Piece Found a Good Home

With all the goods going around during Art Basel, it is understandable why some art may been left behind. Now well into mid-December and the legions of art enthusiasts long gone, in a Midtown showroom  in Miami stood a single piece of work that until recently was looking for a new home.

For Art Basel 2009, Brooklyn based photographers James and Karla Murray brought their creative concept called Graffiti Gone Global. The Murrays recruited graffiti artists to tag photos of now extinct storefronts. Genius, right?

Sadly, after all the hoopla, everyone went back home and left behind one piece. The 12-by-8-foot vintage storefront picture that features original work from Japanese artist Shiro, Puerto Rican Sofia Maldonado, and New Yorker Billi Kid was now facing destruction. Apparently the enormous piece was still hanging around at the 3252 NE First St. showroom and the owners weren’t too happy. The Murrays were advised that the piece had to be removed by the end of the week, or else. Suddenly an original work of art was looking more and more like a stray puppy. Where would a 12-by-8-foot art piece fit and who would want to keep it? The Murrays only stipulation for “adoption” was that the new owner agreed not to sell it. “We’re not looking for any money,” Karla says. “We just want to find it a good home.”

And they did! Nelson from Urban Real Estate in the warehouse district posted that the piece would go to the first to contact them. And so a happy ending for the Murrays and just in time for the holidays.

Via: Miami New Times