Aeroyacht Inspiring Adventure On the High Seas

The next novelty in nautical toys is currently in production. Gregor Tarjan, founder and president of Aeroyacht Ltd., is the man behind the design.  The Aeroyacht 110 looks like something pulled out of a James Bond film and it has the equipment as well. Commissioned by Monegasque-based yacht builder Wally and due to hit the waters in 2011, this yacht is nothing if not pure luxury at its finest. The dashing 33.5-meter catamaran comes equipped with a personal exploration airplane. Talk about high class, no more riding around in a bumpy tender, the airplane is designed with the traveler in mind.

The yacht will allow passengers to explore exotic locations, sightsee and of course be of use in emergency situations. Imagine sailing the high seas in this beauty. Aeroyacht 110 will be the epitome of high style, and ultimate high performance. Expected to be one of the largest composite multihulls in the world, the two-seat Icon A5 amphibian sports plane, will be launched and retrieved from a specially designed pod.

What catamaran would be complete without some real fin power, at its full speed the vessel can run up to 35 knots.  Multihull specialists Morrelli & Melvin will be in charge of the navel architecture. Expect nothing more than genius since they have also designed world record catamarans like the Playstation and the US America’s Cup contender Stars and Stripes.  Safe to say 2011 will bring on a new standard of sailing.

Via: Luxury Launches, JameList