Mints for Models

Just when you thought Miami’s Delano couldn’t think anymore outside of the box, they’ve done it again and this time. Ok, so here we go. The Delano has opened a new and exclusive lounge just for visiting models called Model Lounge Miami. Whether they are shooting on a Delano property there or just simply relaxing for a bit, the Delano is now offering somewhat of a model sanctuary of sorts. What does a model sanctuary consist of you ask? Well, for starters, there’s a snack bar that serves plenty of Red Bull, sugar free of course. And they also serve these really sweet treats called… mints! I don’t know whether to fall out of my chair from sheer laughter, or the hunger pains I get from just thinking about this. My guess is that once the models pass out because of the lack of food (sorry, but needle-sized mints don’t count), then that’s where the Red Bull comes in to revitalize them and send their skinny behinds back to work. And for the real overweight models who just insist on splurging and throwing off their diets or lack thereof, the snack bar offers ZonePerfect bars. Wow, sounds heavenly huh?

Model Lounge Miami also offers an “All Access Privilege Card,” which allows only the premiere models represented by premiere agencies, an all access pass to all of Delano’s properties and amenities. Now that sounds more like it. Also, this exclusive card gives the models an opportunity to visit various other places around town like Ricky’s and The Webster, all with deep discounts. Ah, to be a model. I could definitely get used to fabulous amenities and such, but they can keep the mints, that’s  for sure. Give me a sandwich please. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the chips! I’m a rebel, I know.

Via: Miami Herald