Acme Chophouse to be Divided

Acme Chophouse in San Francisco will be reinventing itself not as one, but as two new restaurants in time for the 2010 baseball season.

American chef and restaurateur, Traci des Jardins, is the managing chef at Acme Chophouse, a popular steakhouse in San Francisco that serves grass-fed beef near the AT&T Park. Des Jardin will be reinventing the restaurant as two new restaurants in time for the 2010 baseball season.

Acme will be transformed into two separate eateries; Mijita and Public House. Mijita will offer signature dishes such as tacos and vertical rotisserie and house-made tortillas, and will be a sequel to the already existing, and very popular, Taqueria.

Located on the other side of the rehashed Acme Chophouse location, will be Public House, which will be a sports bar/gastro-pub themed space with sports on the televisions throughout the day, a huge beer selection, and a menu featuring “grass fed hamburgers, pulled pork sliders, crab cakes, falafel, homemade desserts and more.”

While some made me saddened by the news of Acme getting chopped in half, the new concepts will both be offering sit-down dining and to-go options, meaning you can stay and relax, or pick up and head to a baseball game. It’s reported that aside from that change, most of the Acme personnel will remain the same. The restaurant’s management company, General Manager John Epperheimer, and executive chef Thom Fox will all remain in the current positions.

Look for Mijita and Public House in March 2010.


 Via: Eater San Francisco