A Timeless Gallery for Timeless Pieces

As a piece of art graces the walls inside your home, it must be something that speaks to and is loved by the owner. With the amount of options in this market, the variety and choices are endless. Art is not only about what the piece is, but also about the way the piece can best be viewed, whether it be its setting, lighting, or even its placement in a room. During the time when Chopin was playing his improvised classics, the way that art was viewed best was in a salon-type setting, and DeVorzon Gallery captures that same creativity in a very unique way.

Director and Owner Barbara DeVorzon has spent over 40 years collecting and dealing art. Her collection is an overall compilation of emerging to professional artists’ works from the past four decades. Through dinner parties and private concerts with piano virtuosos, DeVorzon has been hard at work continuing to be an experience for all art overs, and not just a place to purchase art.

Her ability to not only sell art, but to showcase it also helped her rub elbows with some of the most famous artists of all time, such as Andy Warhol, who was a dear friend, and Victor Vasarely, who proclaimed to owe a big part of his career to her because she saw his potential when deciding to buy his golden limited edition print that graced LA for the first time in NYC in 1969, which launched his career. DeVorzon Gallery still showcases works of emerging artists, along with that of the greats.

Her villa, lovingly called “Cento Angeli,” is a reflection of her own artistic side and her encounters through life. “The gallery” is just as much apart of the experience as the art itself. Located in a beautiful canyon villa in the 90210 zip code, Angeli is the perfect location to host high-profile events for celebrities, art lovers, and even royalty.

DeVorzon Gallery is open by appointment only. For more information, call 310.888.0111