A Real Hole-In-One

Who needs to actually golf in style when you can just ride around the green in the Garia, the ultra luxe golf cart that’s been dubbed as “the World’s Most Exclusive Golf Cart.”  I’m all for a day of sunshine and par fours but with this pimped out ride, I think frilly, cold beverages and a showy entrance to the club for lunch are more so in order. The cart’s kit includes double-wishbone front suspension, a drivetrain built by the same company that produces gearboxes for Ducati, and aluminum stampings that come from the same company who produces for Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Volvo. Now to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what these mechanical terms mean but, I do know that I like the credibility factor involved. A golf cart with ties to Aston Martin and Ducati? Talk about a hole-in-one! And speaking of adult beverages, the Cadillac of carts has a built-in refrigerator for your mini bottles and cold brews galore. Not that I’m condoning drunk driving, er, carting or anything, but how could you not sip on something fabulous while parading around in this fancy thing? Everyone else on the course is sure to be drooling over this hot means of golfing transportation. Oh the poor schmucks riding in the clubs’ rentals, if they could only be as fabulous as you.

The Garia is manufactured by Valmet Automotive, which assembles the Porsche Boxter and Cayman. And in 2010, you may just see these bad boys on the streets and not just on the green. The company says that by this time, the carts will be street legal. But whether your desire is to drive the Garia on pavement or on grass, the golf cart’s price may just kick you in the…butt? But think about it like this: The Garia-a cool $17, 499. But the look on your friends’ faces when you pull up beside them in this thing-totally priceless.

Via: Luxist