A Michelin Star Showdown

There’s a Michelin-star showdown happening at a San Francisco eatery and it involves a chef leaving his position and his boss claiming his departure is a case of chasing a star that may just be out of reach.

Restaurant Chez TJ is in the news this week for a showdown that involves some highly coveted Michelin stars. Renowned chef Bruno Chemel announced that he will be leaving Michelin-starred Chez TJ, located in Mountain View, for a “better opportunity.”

Unfortunately for Chemel, the story didn’t end there. Chez TJ owner George Aviet also had something to say on the matter, and it probably safe to say that the message wasn’t the cordial au revoir Chemel was hoping for. Aviet is quoted as saying, “He’s incapable of earning two stars. Don’t get me wrong. He didn’t a wonderful job, and he managed to sustain a star for one year, but I need to get on with somebody who is going to ear that second star.” Meow!

While perhaps the situation is getting a bit catty as it circulated through the restaurant news, Chez TJ did at one point earn those two prized stars Aviet is looking for…prior to Chef Chemel’s era at the eatery. When Chef Christopher Kostow was working Chez TJ’s kitchen, the restaurant had two Michelin stars and apparently a very satisfied owner.

If there was ever a chance for Chemel to prove his undisputed talent, it appears that time is now as he departs the currently drama-induced Chez TJ.

Via: Eater San Francisco