A Luxury Collaboration for Discerning Jetsetters

The topic of the president of the United States is always sure to incite love or loathing for whoever the sitting head of state may be at the time. With that said, luxury enthusiasts who may or may not hold an interest in the business accessories of our current President Barrack Obama may or may not know or care that the leader of the free world carries a briefcase made by Tuni.

In another move to grab the headlines, the maker of international premium travel, business, and lifestyle accessories has taken a step back from the political arena and is moving on to a new project. If you missed your chance to grab this haute new product for the holidays, might we recommend a New Year’s Eve present? Tumi has collaborated with Hg2 to present jetsetters with a set of exclusive travel guide books.

Covering luxury travel destinations such as Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Buenos Aires, and Dubai, the new destination guides are covered in ballistic nylon in a packaged case complete with a handle and luggage tag. In a world where content is king, the series feature spectacular photography and text dedicated to work, play, and rest. For $125, purchasers also receive a complimentary one-year membership to Hg2.com.