What’s Black and White and Glazed All Over?

Michael Leach, a World Superyacht Award winner, is preparing to grace the yachting world with a futuristic and über -sleek 315-ft megayacht.  Aptly named Orca, the yacht is black and white, similar to the species of whale that goes by the same name (think Free Willy!).  Leach has entrusted shipyard Blohm + Voss with constructing the massive mariner.  The Orca is undoubtedly lustrous, with uniquely curved structure and a thick layer of glaze enviable of any donut.

Very little is known about the details, as Leach has remained pretty mum.  What is known is that Silverlining, also from across the pond, will serve to create the furniture, while Metrica will provide interior decoration, and two limousine tenders designed by Cougar Marine will ornament the sports deck.

Via: Luxist