Virgin Arrives in Fort Lauderdale

Richard Branson was out celebrating at the W Fort Lauderdale last night with stars like hottie Giles Marini (Dancing with the Stars, Sex and the City Movie, Brothers & Sisters, Nip/Tuck), Kayla Ewell (The Vampire Diaries), Amber Heard (Zombieland), and Sofia Milos (CSI:Miami, The Sopranos). What was the occasion, you ask? Branson has finally bridged the Golden State to the Gold Coast in the form of one-stop shop trips from Fort Lauderdale to both Los Angeles and San Francisco.  What’s even better—Virgin Airlines is offering these tickets for $99 each way! The South Florida addition marks the tenth Virgin America location.  No word on why Branson chose Fort Lauderdale’s airport over its southern neighbor Miami International, but no matter—the two are a mere half hour apart.

Via: The Miami Herald, UpTake