Want Gucci? Get iPhone

If you’re one of the many people who can appreciate a beautiful new pair of Gucci shoes, you better hope you’re also one of the many people who reach for their App-friendly iPhones to answer their calls.

Why, you ask? Because designer Mark Ronson has collaborated with Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini, to design an exclusive new sneaker collection, and one highly coveted model will only be available to iPhone and iTouch users who have downloaded the free Gucci App.

The exclusive high-end sneaker collection will be available (except for the iPhone exclusive shoe) as part of a new Gucci pop-up shop tour called Gucci Icon-Temporary. Pop-up shops are stores that exist for just a couple of weeks, and have become quite the rage among high-end designer stores.

The Gucci Icon-Temporary store opened to the public on October 24 in New York City, but is only staying in the Big Apple until it moves to Miami on December 1, followed by London, England and Tokyo in 2010. The Gucci-Ronson sneakers will come with an exclusive 12 inch vinyl record featured tracks personally selected by Ronson himself.

Ronson says, “I spent many years as an avid sneaker collector, so I wanted to make sure these Gucci shoes were truly special, both from an aesthetic point of view and a collectible one. Frida and I also agreed it was important for there to be a musical element to the project, so I’m going to be collaborating with artists, making limited edition tracks for each store opening.”

If you already have the Gucci iPhone App, or plan on getting it, you’ll know that it features music playlists by the Ronson and Giannini duo, along with many other Gucci-tastic functions.