Victoria’s Secret Cocktail

Who wants to party like a model? I know guys, it would be much more interesting if I had asked,  “who wants to party with models?,” but let’s try to stay focused. This Thursday in NYC, two of my favorite things collide at what promises to be the hottest party of the Holiday Season. It’s the after-party for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Yes, that’s right, booze and models will meet head-on (in case you suspected the Holiday Season and fashion shows to be two of my favorite things) at a party where the truly beautiful people will be in  attendance.

The venue is M2 Ultra Lounge and the drink specially created for the occasion is the Stoli Angel Elixir, so that if you don’t get the chance to party with the models, at least you can drink like them. It’s a small consolation, I know. To get mixing this luxurious cocktail, here’s what you need: 1 Oz Stoli Gala Applik, 3 strawberries, sprinkles of vanilla sugar, and Rose Sparkling Wine. Cover the strawberries in the sugar and mix with vodka, pour into flute and add the Rose. For those of you with a delicate pallet, class, sophistication, and a sweet tooth, this will suit you perfectly. For me, I think I might just have a beer, if no one objects.  Guys, why not impress your nearest and dearest with a few of these model-type cocktails? It may be good for kudos. Get mixing and drink up.

The annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show will take place at the Lexington Avenue Armory on Thursday the 19th of November. The stylish Heidi Klum will be the host for the evening. If you aren’t lucky enough to make it to the exclusive event, it will be aired December 1st on CBS. Now, if you will excuse me, I am rather excited about having to select a suitable photograph for this post.  Let’s face it, that’s why I chose the topic.

Via: Luxist, CBS