Tom Cruise Sparks Real Estate Rumors

Tom Cruise is at it again, but don’t worry, all near-by couches are reportedly in no danger. No, this time Cruise is sparking some real estate rumors in San Francisco.

While some remain doubtful about the alleged purchase, the mega-star, married to actress Katie Holmes, has apparently coughed up $18 million for a locally famous house in San Francisco.

Located on the gorgeous Sea Cliff neighborhood ( Sharon Stone used to own a home in the area, and Robin Williams currently has a mansion on near-by El Camino Del Mar), the 9,436-square-foot mansion features five bedrooms and six bathrooms. However, official records of the listing note that the buyer is Tawaraya, LLC, an extremely posh and expensive Japanese bed and breakfast sort of place, located in Kyoto….not Tom Cruise. How so?

Apparently, Tawaraya, LLC can be linked to Howson & Simon CPAs, a very exclusive boutique accounting firm in Walnut Creek, California, that “caters to a small number of ultrahigh net worth individuals.” With that said, it’s really anyone’s guess at this point as to whether Cruise is, in fact, the new owner or if this is yet another example of jumping to conclusions when it comes to celebrities and their lavish lives. Time will tell. Or perhaps Oprah can let us know next time Cruise stops by.