There’s An Animal In All Of Us…

Vegetarianism is, I’ve come to believe, a new form of masochism.  In the face of such culinary delights as, say, the menu at Animal on Fairfax Ave., if one can voluntarily remain an herbivore they are either criminally insane or just gluttons for punishment.  Carnivores take note – if you’ve yet to eat at Animal, run… don’t walk.

As Jonathan Gold notes in his list of LA’s top 99 restaurants for LA Weekly, Animal is “probably the first restaurant to raise Boy Food to the level of a genuine cuisine.”  Precisely.  Frat boys are rarely devoted enough to cuisine to care to take their pork chops to the next level, but the boys at Animal surely have.

Offering Chicken Liver Toast, Roasted Marrow Bone, Fluke with Grape and Yuzu Granita, and a pretty serious Flat Iron with Artichoke Hash is just the start.  Their Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit rivals that of any of LA’s Drago Brothers and their Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar provokes conversations around the table.  The minimalist space mixed with genuinely friendly staff makes for just the right kind of boyish charm and haute cuisine.

Don’t be shy… We carnivores happily accept converts.  But, if the menu at Animal can’t change your mind, we’re not sure what will. Click here to view a sample of their menu.

Via: Animal Restaurant