Sweet Satisfaction: Haute Comfort Food in LA

There are times in everyone’s week when comfort food is the only thing that will hit the spot.  There is also very rarely a time in the week when you can afford to go for comfort food rather than to, well, a dinner meeting.  Take control of the situation – in this city, there are a number of places sure to impress any out of town client that also offer haute versions of your favorite comfort foods on the menu.  Did someone say truffle fries?

If you’re trying to prove you’ve got some Venice street cred while taking your client to lunch, you may want to head to Axe and order their sinfully good (and probably environmentally sustainable) grilled cheese sandwich.  No, it doesn’t come with ranch dressing and if you ask, they’ll think you’re kidding, but that sandwich will heal any illness!

It’s your sweet tooth that really needs some attention, and in LA that’s not difficult to achieve.  Skip the line at Sprinkle’s and head out to Susie Cakes in Brentwood, Froma on Melrose, Joan’s on Third in West Hollywood, or Bottega Louie Downtown–turns out, you can get satisfaction… from a cupcake.

Trying to suck down cheese, rice, and mushrooms all at once should never be a challenge.  Dominick’s rolls it all into a ball via their Rice Balls with Mushroom and Mozzarella, not to mention they’ve got a mean Italian Wedding Soup sure to warm up your soul.  Washing it all down with a serious glass of wine or maybe a martini shouldn’t be too difficult either.

Café Stella, situated in Silver Lake, is a perfect bistro for any fiend for French cuisine. They’ve really put effort into their French fries and it’s paid off–they are memorable and delicious.  Your clients will be impressed by the garlicky, buttery escargots–you eat the fries and let Stella do the rest.  Also on the ballot for delicious French fries is Barneys Greengrass.  They’re as addictive as fried, salty potatoes can get.  We also hear that Church and State has boiled it down to a science, we say it’s worth a shot!

As much as you’d rather sit alone in the In’N’Out drive through flipping through your iPod, you’ve got to find a happy medium – some place to hold your meeting that also offers up a covetable hamburger.  Govind Armstrong’s 8 Oz Burger Bar on Melrose is one of your new best friends.  Same with Father’s Office on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica – assuming your client knows his or her way around a pub.

Via: Axe, Susie Cakes, Froma, Joan’s on Third, Bottega Louie, Dominick’s, Café Stella, Barney’s Greengrass, Church and State, 8 Oz Burger Bar, Father’s Office