The Grilled Cheese Grows Up

A kid’s menu staple has taken center stage for many LA restaurants, with little twists on the classic bread and cheese college-student culinary creation–the grilled cheese.

For a meal on wheels, The Grilled Cheese Truck has copied the methods of an ice cream mobile traveling the streets, bringing grilled cheeses to a neighborhood near you. In addition to the tomato and mozzarella basics, there are options involving BBQ pork, and a dessert menu with Nutella and fruit. The truck updates its location frequently via Twitter.

A common feast at diners, the grilled cheese at Mel’s Drive In offers a variety of mixable cheeses on sourdough bread. Milkshakes and French fries add to the nostalgia, yet the 24-hour service brings you back to the present. 8585 Sunset Boulevard, (310) 854-7201. For a similar diner-vibe, try The Edison, with their Friday night Soup Kitchen consisting of 35 cent drinks and free grilled cheese bites with dippable tomato soup, sure to give your wallet a break. Friday nights, 108 West 2nd Street, (213).613-0000.

Freshly baked bread serves as an ominous foundation for a stellar grilled cheese, so the BreadBar definitely has a leg up on the competition with its artisan breads. The GC comes with mozzarella, sun-dried tomato spread, and onions. Also up for variety? Build your own GC at the Say Cheese Café cheese shop in Silverlake. A cheese bar consisting of everything from gouda to gorgonzola is sure to please any cheese palate. 2800 Hyperion Avenue, (323) 665-0545.

For the more adventurous grilled cheeser, Pete’s Café & Bar offers a deluxe multi-cheese option. Cheddar, mozzarella, blue and goat cheese are melted together with carmelized onions. For the traditionalist, Pete’s also offers sharp cheddar and tomatoes on Texas toast. 400 S. Main Street, (213).617-1000.

Raising the bar on the standard bread and cheese is the snack at The Foundry on Melrose. Toasted raisin bread is jam packed with tallegio cheese, ribs, arugula, and apricot puree, which really puts it outside the grilled cheese realm. 7465 Melrose Avenue, (323) 651-0915.

To pencil in to your calendar, notably every Thursday and the month of April:

Thursday nights mark the Campanile grilled cheese night, drawing crowds for delicious sandwiches on the neighboring La Brea Bakery bread. Get there early if you want a seat, this is quite a popular evening. Thursday nights, 624 S La Brea Avenue, (323) 938-1447.

April is the National Grilled Cheese Month, for those who dont know, and Clementine takes its respect for the food to the next level. Each week offers a different version of the staple food and integrating items like chorizo, chili, and Italian sausages. Alas, 11 months of the year leave Clementine’s grilled cheeses to exist only as a memory. 1751 Ensley Ave, (310) 552-1080.

For an annual cultural cheese event, hit up the Grilled Cheese Invitational every April. 5 bucks serves as admission/judging rights/taste taster.

Via: LA Weekly