Sushi Hidden Treasure, Los Angeles

While determining a sushi restaurant to be “the best” is certainly all about perception, there are usually some lesser known sushi spots that deserve more love than they’re getting. Kiyokawa is one of Los Angeles’s sushi hidden treasures, and we’d like to introduce you to what could be your new favorite spot.

The sushi trend has yet to fade, and fans of the delicious cuisine are always on the look-out for new great places to satisfy their sushi cravings. If you’re in Los Angeles, check out Kiyokawa. Sushi chef Satoshi Kiyokawa is “possibly the best unknown sushi chef in Los Angeles,” according to one repeat customer.

So what can you expect from chef Kiyokawa? He serves up killer multicourse omakase dinners and kaiseki-style feasts. Patrons enjoy seasonal and innovative meals that “rival their equivalents at places charging two and three times as much.” While Kiyokawa is not exactly cheap either, it’s certainly reasonable compared to its competitors, and the chef is “known to treat each piece of fish as if he were a sculptor confronting a $5,000 column of raw marble.”

Another nod of approval goes to Kiyokawa for being an organic sushi restaurant, boasting that their rice, the shiso, the ginger, and the soy sauce are all sourced from chemical-free farms.


Via: LA Eater