STK Miami Tweets the Public

It has been months of agonizing torture for STK lovers in Miami. News of an opening date keeps changing and quite honestly, I’m not sure if anyone knows what’s really going on. Originally advertised to open in the Fall (yes, the Fall that just passed…) word recently was out that perhaps the anticipated restaurant will be open in time for Art Basel. And now…a Tweet?

Well, if signs of life were ever needed, now is that time. And coincidentally (or perhaps not?), STK’s Twitter page was fluttering after a Tweet sparked curious minds into thinking that the restaurant may be on its way to actually opening. Gasp!

The tweet said: “STK is opening VERY soon! If you’re interest in booking a private event with us see:” So apparently the restaurant is looking for some private dinners to fill up their still-empty restaurant…but what about the public? Don’t we get to dine too?

Yes, I’m sure we will, but in the meantime all your private dinners who make it to STK before the masses, let us know how it is! In the meantime, once any news on the big launch date is officially revealed, we will of course let you know, so stay tuned!

Via: Eater Miami