Peace, Love, and a Few Glasses of Beaujolais

Georges Debeuf is not your typical wine company. Each wine from the brand touches your taste buds in a more than ordinary way, the aromas and tastes, equaling perfection. Of course this isn’t so surprising when you consider the Debeuf team, made up of six winemakers. Even more impressive is that more than 100 countries in the word sell Debeuf wines, making for a trusted and always pleasing label. But the company has really struck a chord with wine loving enthusiasts everywhere with its recent release of its newest harvest, the 2009 vintage edition, Beaujolais Nouveau. To date, it’s the 27th release of the Beaujolais editions and it’s just as impressive, if not more, than all its predecessor in the past. So when it came time to celebrate the arrival of the new wines, naturally, only a lavish, true Miami-style upscale event would do. Whoever said vintage was just for clothing and jewelry was off their rocker!

The event was held at Au Pied de Cochon in Miami Beach, a cozy French restaurant, known for its Parisian flare and positive vibe-emanating atmosphere. Upon arrival, guests were approached by flower-waving, peace sign-wearing “hippies,” decked out to the absolute nines, all seemingly on a Beaujolais Nouveau high.  Jim Morrison tunes played aloud, filling the garden with a throwback to the 70s, retro-esque vibe. Guests chatted away, discussing whether the whites or the reds paired better with their delicate, pre-lunch noshes. The atmosphere was incredible, although something you wouldn’t normally expect from your every day, common wine event. But this particular brand is anything but ordinary. Who else would have a hippie-style Volkswagen Bus and “Beaujolais biker” brigade, parading down Ocean Drive before the uncorking ceremony?

To keep in line with the “not your average” wine company and brand, Beaujolais Nouveau has created and adopted a few aspects, laws, and concepts that make the brand stand out from all the other competitors. First off, by French law, Beaujolais Nouveau is always released on the third Thursday of November each year, all over the world. Now how’s that for creative? Also, Beaujolais is located in the region of Burgundy, France, where winemaking traces all the way back to Roman times. A lengthy history and plenty of credibility are key components in a successful wine company, and Beaujolais Nouveau has nailed these elements down pat. Once you swirl, sniff, and sip one of their wines, you will certainly agree.

The uncorking ceremony was conducted by a long, wig and tie-dye-wearing “flower child,” who filled guests glasses, pouring from the giant, freshly corked, aroma-filled bottle. The tasting was then followed by a four-course luncheon. Each course was paired with various types of Beaujolais Nouveau, all perfect accompaniments to the dishes they were served with. Guests were blown away with just how well the combinations melded. But really, this shouldn’t come as a shock to the true, wine-obsessed world. The 2009 harvest in Beaujolais is being called the best vintage in the last 50 years because of perfect weather and growing conditions. It’s been deemed the “dream vintage.” After you’ve tasted each of the wines, there will surely be no argument over the name.

This year’s vintage was given the motto, “Peace, Love, and Beaujolais.” Totally fitting with the 70’s-inspired feel, but I think I may have followed in Robin Leach’s footsteps with the whole “Caviar wishes and Beaujolais Dreams” thing. After all, it does have a nice ring to it. But no matter the motto, no matter the ceremony theme, one thing is for sure-the brand doesn’t have to rely solely on these creative mottos or anything of the sort really. Instead, the trusted, tried-and-true brand relies only on its dedicated wine drinkers and the in the know connoisseurs. And if you ask any of them who is at the head of the wine quality game, they are sure to give you one answer and one only-Beaujolais Nouveau, as close to a perfect wine as you’ll ever get.