Other Schools Piste, as Vail Academy Offers Ski Home in Raffle

It’s refreshing to see unique and modern ideas for school fundraising, wouldn’t you agree? When I was in school, we had to bake cakes in an attempt to raise enough money to mend the hole in the music room’s roof. Unfortunately for us, Charlie Brogan (the class buffoon) ate most of the cakes, the speculated profit did not materialise, and all the trumpets and trombones rusted beyond repair. Alas, no one really needs to know about my dark days of early education, and I’m quite sure no readers care for the by-and-large disturbing exploits of Mr. Charlie Brogan, so we’ll quickly move on.

As I have illustrated, often the same lame events are used to try and earn that little bit extra for school facilities and supplies. Come on folks, why not push the boat out and come up with something that will really capture the imagination? Well, by offering a newly renovated ski home as first prize in their raffle, The Vail Academy has done exactly that.

The Colorado based private school has developed the innovative idea of offering a $1.3million, 3-level duplex ski home to the lucky winner of their annual raffle. The home really has it all. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, dining room, separate family room, laundry room, two gas-burning fireplaces, and a separate family/media room on the lower level with another fireplace and an entrance to the backyard. The cherry on top is the sundeck overlooking the backyard, perfect for entertaining.  The master bedroom suite includes a walk-in closet and a jet tub with separate shower. Need I say more? Oh, the prize also comes with $450,000 in cash to keep the IRS happy. For the skiers in the family, the slopes are just a five minute drive away, and the White River National Forest is also on the doorstep.

To someday own this unique, and quite frankly very Haute prize, simply buy a ticket online. The tickets cost $100 and the draw will take place on 31st of December 2009. As an extra incentive there are also ‘early bird’ cash draws, the next being on December 4th. If that wasn’t enough, there is a referral option on the website. The lucky person who refers the eventual winner, will pick up $25,000 in cash.

To check out the ski home and raffle details, click here.

Via: Vail Academy