Oh, Christmas Tree!

This year, why not step things up a notch for your Douglas fir? Forget the tinsel, that shiny, tacky, knockoff string; and decorate that baby with the real deal: the Hallmark Jewelers £82,000 ($136,000) ornament comprised of 18 carat white gold and oozing with diamonds. Two ruby encrusted rings orb the diamond ball like a sort of cage dipped in gems.  The decadent bauble was unveiled in Titchfield, Hampshire, behind the safety 6mm of glass intertwined with steel framing.

Hallmark’s owner, Mark Hussey unveiled the piece as one he has been toiling away at all year. The gem count: 188 rubies and 1,578 diamonds. Amidst the sea of smaller diamonds, three one-carat shiners are placed around the circumference of the sparkly globe.

Via: Luxury Launches