No More Party in the Casa

It is a shame that the beloved home of late fashion designer Gianni Versace has been put in the middle of such financial trouble by Scott Rothstein and his $1 billion Ponzi scheme. The party mansion has closed its doors. According to the Miami Herald, the shutdown came as Casa faced a $160,000 state and federal tax liens, plus the sharp turn-down in the extravagant parties the mansion is known for throwing.

Rothstein had bought interest in Casa Casuarina, and open a restaurant Bova restaurant in an effort to help the struggling business. Once news came around regarding Rothstein’s scandal, owner Peter Loftin decided to dismiss the team. An unidentified Casuarina executive has this to say, “Mr. Loftin wanted to make sure he was protecting his asset from Scott and anyone coming after Scott,” the executive said.”

One thing is for sure; members who paid $50,000 to have access to the mansion are very upset. I guess this is another example of greed affecting the innocent by standers, i.e. the members who just wanted exclusive entrance to the party place. Loftin plans to reopen Casa Casuarina, “soon under a new well-respected operator.”

Via: The Real Deal