Le Caprice Takes Its Tradition Across the Pond

The British have come to the Upper Eastside. The famous London restaurant Le Caprice opened its NY doors on Oct.26, at the Pierre Hotel and brought along its snooty ways. Don’t expect to waltz into this $7 million establishment with anything less than a reservation or accompanied by the Queen Mother herself. Considering that the British are not known for their culinary excellence I’d venture to say Le Caprice at the Pierre Hotel is all about being seen. I guess popularity contests don’t stop at high school.

Among the rich, famous and utterly fabulous that have graced the new Caprice with their presence are: Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell, Martha Stewart and Jennifer Lopez. Needless to say, this is a locale to rub elbows with the chic socialites of a certain age, Midtown suits and those impeccable ladies who lunch. The owner Richard Caring has even joked he bought the place just to get in.

The spiffy restaurant remains true to its roots and looks like an exact replica of the original. With a classic Gatsby flavor and preserving the 1940s style that it started with, the restaurant is nothing less than luxurious. Keeping with the black and white motif the design includes, white table clothes, a black lacquered bar, black leather banquets and a series of black and white photographs by David Bailey.

Compared to the original restaurant this eatery remains true to its roots, although it has been tweaked a little to cater to a New York pace. For example their Fifth Avenue annex serves health-conscious salads, and a breakfast menu including Scottish porridge, and soft-boiled eggs with soldiers.  You can also find favorites like the steak tartare, cauliflower soup, and salmon fishcakes.  Reviews haven’t been good, here’s hoping things improve.


Via: New York Post