Hommage Pays Homage to Men this Holiday Season

Hommage is offering a great set of holiday gift ideas for any man looking to keep an haute appearance through the season, including the Achieve Face Mask, the Awaken and Rejuvenate eye system, and the Shanghai Shave Set.

Instead of sharing your luxurious face creams with your man over the holidays, why not give him the gift his own personal items from the new Hommage line?

The deluxe brand is offering The Achieve Face Mask for $75. The mask is a charcoal peel-off mask made from bioactive fresh water silt and blue green algae. For those of you who enjoyed watching American Psycho’s main character Patrick Bateman peel off his mask in one easy move, yes, this mask does the same thing. Quick, easy, and great for your skin. Plus, Patrick Bateman likes it. That’s enough to convince a few guys I know. After using the mask, results include glowing skin and increased cell turnover, resulting in a strong base for a smooth shave.

The Awaken and Rejuvenate eye system is priced at $100 and it is truly all your man will need to get rid of those pesky crows-feet and other skin problems related to sun damage. Awaken is applied in the morning to brighten and firm skin around the eyes, while Rejuvenate works while you sleep to effectively repair cellular damage.

If your man enjoys a spa experience as much as you do, book him an Hommage Gentleman’s Black Diamond Face Sculpture at Sense Spa at the Carlyle Hotel. The treatment costs $225 and is designed to essentially reinvigorate muscles on the face, neck, shoulders and back through acupuncture massage. The treatment uses the above mentioned products as well as the Hommage Face Exfoliant, which scrubs and cleanses.

Is all of this making anyone else want to go treat themselves to a spa treatment?

Moving on…Hommage is also offering a beautiful and elegant Shanghai Shave Set that was designed in Germany and features magnetic technology to secure the brush to the chrome stand. The brush is made from silvertip badger hair and the entire set has been crafted with a red finish. It is scratch resistant and corrosion free and is prices at $400.

All Hommage products are scented with cologne and are specifically created for men, but don’t be surprised if you’re dipping into his stash at some point, these products are irresistible.



Via: Luxist