Hilary Clinton Shines in Forbes List of Most Powerful People

She may have spent eight years as the United State’s First Lady, but Hilary Clinton is now making headlines for her impressive Forbes list-jumping abilities.

Clinton was featured in August in a Forbes list of the world’s most powerful women, ranking 38th; but that seems like a land far, far away now that she has just been featured on yet another Forbes list, with an even more impressive ranking.

The newly released Forbes list of the world’s most powerful people features your expected headline makers and shakers, but it also features Clinton, at a very respectable 17th position. Clinton is not only ranked the 17th most powerful person in the world, according to Forbes, but that position makes her second among women in the list behind only one woman: Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Congrats to Clinton—at a time when politics and government figures seem to be draining enthusiasm out of the public at rampant speeds, this bit of politic-related news is certainly an inspirational break from the norm.

Via: New York Magazine