Get Tweaked: Tweak 99 Opens in West Hollywood

Now that we’ve all started searching for holiday gifts in earnest, we’re coming to the annual realization that this can be harder than we expect.  You’d love to get something designed beautifully, that’s efficient and practical, and that doesn’t far exceed your budget.  (I’m looking at you, Bang and Olufsen.)  Tara Riceberg, and her new West Hollywood pop-up shop Tweak 99, has your answer.

The reason for the name is as follows: nothing exceeds $99.00 in her shop and each item is meant to essentially tweak your home or lifestyle in some small, innovative way.  Take the salt and pepper shakers on wheels, for example – tweaks the idea behind passing someone the salt when you can roll it down the table.  On the other end of the spectrum, men’s socks with a boot knife or a holstered gun sewn in takes care of his need to actually equip himself with a weapon just to look cool.

It’s the kind of shop you can spend an hour in and still discover something you hadn’t already seen, like a gorgeous, oversized fragrance bottle, a Coink Bank, and Whiskey Stones – gray cubes you freeze and put into a tumbler. They don’t dilute your whiskey like that pesky traditional ice.  See? Lifestyle: tweaked.