Fall into the Dress code with David August

Answerable or not, however, a debonair wardrobe is imperative to the world-traveling elitist in its representation of the very man who dons it.  Just ask any of our fashion-aficionado, seven-figure-club clients.

I think we’ve all dreamt of retiring to an island with a white sand beach via a private jet, but in order to make that dream a reality, a great wardrobe from the beginning is what sets the tone for achieving that success. Extravagance and glamour both call for a discerning sense of style, and knowing the trends and turns of fashion is an integral part of the job.  I’m often asked what propels these fashion movements. I believe it comes from the streets. What the youth today are wearing gets filtered up and down the fashion scale. There are really no “new” designs. Fashion recycles itself. Designers take past silhouettes and recreate them with their own style and embellishments.

Here, we showcase our recommendations for fall season additions to your power-hitting wardrobe. Feel free to come by David August to experience any of these looks yourself.

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