Does Size Matter?

British carmaker Mini is preparing for the launch of a new special edition Mini car that will be outfitted by luxury brand Rolls Royce.

Sprawling houses, spacious cars; the bigger the better, right? While that may the motto that many of us have grown up with, carmakers Mini and Rolls Royce are teaming up to prove that theory wrong.

Rolls Royce and Mini are both owned by Germany’s BMW and the two are gearing up to produce a car that screams luxury, but miniaturized. Scheduled to go into production in 2010 (for 2011 model year cars), North Americans will have to wait to find out if the adorably deluxe cars will be available in the United States. Mini spokeswoman Nathalie Bauters points out, however, that if they cars do make it to the American market, they will be in extremely limited numbers.

So what can we expect from the new lavish but tiny car? “It’s going to be for Mini fanatics and those who want something really special from Mini,” Bauters adds. The exterior body of the new line will look like other Mini Cooper cars, but they will be coated in a special paint, although the color has not yet been decided on. The cars will be built at the Mini factory in Oxford and the final luxury touches, which will include outfitting with special high-end interior trim and wood veneer, will either be done in the Mini factory as well, or after the cars are transported to the Rolls Royce factory.

The concept of a smaller car that maintains the luxury so well established from carmaker Rolls Royce is certain something that has a lot of potential at a time when buyers are quickly migrating to smaller cars to save on gas and lower their environmental impact.


Via: Luxist, CNN