Design Q Creates Futuristic Dubai Heliport

As soon as you think Dubai just can’t get any hauter, it does. This time it’s thanks to Design Q’s futuristic-inspired heliport design that just may transform the meaning of VIP travel around the Middle East.

International design consultancy Design Q is teaming up with the city of Dubai to create one of the chicest looking heliports ever to exist. The attention-grabbing blue prints are unveiled at the Dubai Air Show and feature a fully integrated heliport fit for a king. And queen. And their royal kids too.

The idea is that VIP customer’s will be able to drive their equally haute vehicles up to the heliport where they will be able to step straight from their car into a personal, air-conditioned luxurious lounge where they will proceed through an efficient check in. One of the many amazing parts of the design of the lounge is that it is created to raise and lower according to the appropriate landing port where the VIPs need to be.

Design Q’s director, Gary Doy, notes, “The idea behind the heliport is that the whole transport experience becomes seamless and opulent–it almost takes on a space station feel.” Designed with the VIPs in mind, the ‘door-to-door’ experience of the design means that travelers can avoid any inconvenient transfers between vehicles, departure lounges, and helicopters.

The revolutionary heliport is modular, meaning it can be constructed specifically for any major event, or be used in more permanent settings, depending on demand. “The idea of adding this heliport onto modular hotel accommodation is a fantastic opportunity to really impress any VIPs attending a major event in Dubai or Abu Dhabi,” Doy adds.

Via: Flight Global