Del Posto Brings Leisurely Lunches Back

New Yorker’s can breathe a sigh of relief – leisurely lunches haven’t completely disappeared from the dining scene thanks, in part, to restaurant Del Posto.

Del Posto is fending off economically-related lunch-time crises by offering a new three-course prix fixe lunch worthy of ditching any and all brown-bagged lunches. The menu is just $29 and offers an antipasto, either a past or meat course, and a dessert from the seasonal menu. Guests who venture to the hot-spot now will find scrumptious items such as roasted autumn vegetables with Robiola and truffled hazelnuts, and grilled lobster with gnocchetti.

This lunch-time delight is offered Wednesday through Friday from 11:30am-2:30pm and comes as the restaurant removes its more “casual” enoteca dinning section and replaces it with a more styled space, reminiscent of the other sections in the restaurant, and is set to re-open in mid December.

Via: Time Out New York