Christie’s Goes For Round Two of YSL Auction

Hearts stopped when the Yves Saint Laurent-Pierre Bergé $491 million art auction happened in February. Considered as “the sale of the century,” the success of the sale has encouraged Christie’s in Paris to bring round two.

Today more items from the Saint Laurent-Bergé estate will be up for bidding; approximately 1,185 lots will be available for auction for the next four days.  It is expected to rise up to four million euros, small in comparison to the first sale. In either case, the proceeds will benefit HIV/AIDS research.

This auction will feature furniture and other art pieces from the couple’s Normandy coast estate, Chateau Gabriel. To no surprise the collections will include a variety of rare pieces. Bidders have the option of bidding on exquisite items such as: a Ming dynasty basin, a Louis XV-style chandelier, a Tiffany & Co. Vase circa 1873, and 20th Century obelisks.

Some other interesting pieces up for sale are Saint Laurent’s billiard table; Hermes crocodile leather suitcases, and S-class Mercedes Benz. My favorite is the cross shaped YSL pendent.

The auction will take place at Théatre Marigny in Paris and viewing times are from 10am-6pm. Hurry before the good stuff gets sold.

Via: Style Section LA