Dezer Does Porsches

After moving into his luxury Sunny Isles condo, Gil Dezer naturally began doing what most anyone does after moving into a new home-redecorating, making sure the new home reflects personality and tastes. But instead of hanging expensive artwork or Tiffany crystal chandeliers, Dezer took a different approach-he mounted his 1950 Porsche Spyder 550 on his living room wall.

Dezer, a developer who owns eight Porsches, argues that though the thought of wall-mounting a car may sound crazy to some, it’s really just as much a work of art as any Picasso or Rembrandt piece is. “When you think about how much more work goes into making a car versus a painting, you realize that is art,” says Dezer.

Dezer hired Coastal Construction, a Miami construction company, to handle the lengthy mounting process. The crane had to lift Dezer’s 1,000-pound prized possession, worth a hip $80,000, to the condo’s fourth-floor balcony. The transmission and engine had to be removed so that the Porsche was light enough for the crane to carry, and the balcony’s sliding glass doors were removed so that its sexy, sleek frame would actually fit once lifted.  “Anyone who knows Gil knows that he is a Porsche purist,” says Sebastian Tettamanti, a friend of Dezer. “It’s no wonder he now has one hanging in his living room.”

The idea to hang Dezer’s Porsche is pretty much cohesive to the rest of his “outside of the box” thinking and his style and taste when it came to the design and décor of his 8,000-square-foot home. Take for instance his egg-inspired first floor bathroom. Perhaps a little strange, yes, but the sunny side up egg rug is admittedly pretty cool. The helix staircase, glass elevator, and glass bridge are also pretty unique features, allowing you to see straight through to the floors beneath. Dezer also has several chairs from the Batman movies throughout the home. When it comes to individuality, creativity, and beyond the norm style, this Miami resident has it down pat. He may have even started a new trend in the decor world, one that, though it may look cool, should not be attempted without the help of a trained professional. So kids, please don’t try this at home.

Via: Miami Herald