Cartier’s New Must-Haves: Seductive Emblematic Beasts

Cartier’s new collection features emblematic beasts and design motifs incorporating representations of animals such as the panther and the tortoise into beautiful jewelry ensembles. The stunning new pieces emphasize the universal power of symbols and refer back to the continual use of emblems throughout history.

“Le Must” Collection of Cartier is designed specifically for younger generations but includes all of those who exude youth at any age. “There is no precious jewelry without deep meaning attached. Some of these symbolic contents are commonly shared by all, others are totally intimate and private,” says Pierre Rainero, the Image-Style and Heritage Director of Cartier.

Pieces which depict a scarab beetle highlight the important historical role of such an insect referring at once to the myth and symbolism of such a creature. The scarab beetle was often believed to exude the power of reincarnation, bring about good luck, and solar warmth. For example, the ancient Egyptians prayed to the scarab-headed god Khepri which they associated with the power of the sun.

A delicate gold bracelet portrays a tortoise thought to be one of the wisest souls in the animal world often representing stability and eternity. Finally Cartier’s rendition of the Panther is by far the most emblematic and superb of its recent creations. Cariter has depicted the panther since 1915 emphasizing the great courage, dynamism, and grace of such a beast. Panthers in Cartier’s new collection are found across patterned watchbands, across pendants and on gorgeous sparkling rings.

“Le Must” of Cartier is truly a must and an indulgent little treat. Such animals dance before your eyes telling of grace, history, and symbolic power.

Via: Luxury Culture