The Viceroy Gets a Makeover

Santa Monica hotel hotspot the Viceroy is known for its cocktail-inducing atmosphere—so much so that renovations are now on the horizon.  The popular website TripAdvisor (which allows hotel guests to commentate and review the rooms they inhabit), recently had a post about the hotel’s Empire Suite, which runs for $640/night. Apparently the suite is tastefully decorated with damaged furniture, low water pressure, and, of course, cigarette burns, among other complaints.

Caroline Dyal, Director of Hotel Operations, has issued her response, and in so many words she has thanked the patron for the feedback, apologized, and then brought to light the news of a planned upcoming renovation for this room as well as several others. She continued to explain that the water is low-pressure simply because the hotel is equipped with low-flow showerheads in efforts to be eco-conscious.

Dyal then lists a phone number for any further discussion, and welcomes the jaded guest to return in the future.

So I guess one voice really can make a difference. Regardless, the renvoation was a long time coming, considering the Viceroy Santa Monica is the head outpost for the Viceroy chain.

Via: Hotel Chatter