Tea Gets the Midas Touch

Introducing the world’s most expensive tea: it’s exceptional, luxurious, and pampered, and it truly lives up to its moniker—The Yellow Gold Tea Buds tea. As its name implies, the tea leaves are in fact gold, a result of lavish cultivation technique that involves the use of golden scissors and only the buds from the tip-top of the tea tree.

This golden delicacy (said to be the unofficial tea of Chinese Emperors), is grown, cultivated, and distributed out of the TWG tea company in Singapore, and according to TWG’s resident tea expert, Alexandre Mallochet, the buds yield on one mountain for only one day per year, which contributes significantly to the exclusivity of the product. Following the indulgent snipping of the buds, the leaves are then sun-dried and placed in containers to create a polyphenol-inducing warmth that bring about two crucial elements: its yellowy tint and supple taste. Then the real decadence ensues—painting the leaves with flakes of 24 carat gold, which allegedly adds to the nutritional value of the tea, not just the aesthetics. Well, you can bet the monetary value goes up thanks to this dietary enhancement—priced just over $100 for 50 grams of this elite brew, it has definitely raised the bar on steeped beverages.

Via: Luxury Launches