Taking A Different Approach In New York Real Estate

Okay, so if you’ve been reading and watching the news like all good citizens do, you’ve surely heard the faint whispers about the housing market. It’s said to be slowly making a comeback and balancing out. People are beginning to leave their reluctant ways behind them and make purchases, sell, and everything in between. I’m certainly not suggesting things are perfect or back to “normal,” whatever that means anyway. But, the market has clearly made some major headway in climbing the ladder of improvement.

A perfect example of the changing times is real estate developer, Janna Bullock who’s known for renovating and flipping some of Manhattan’s most sought after townhomes. In lieu of the fluctuating economy, the prestigious developer has been putting her multiple properties on the market, and then pulling them back off again. You certainly can’t blame her though; it’s been a seesaw effect for just about everyone. But one property in particular that Bullock did put back on the market is exceptionally unique. Bullock purchased the home located at 14 East 82nd Street back in 2005 for a minor $12.2 million. She finally debuted it on the market for the first time in 2007 along with an asking price of $25 million. After a few offers that didn’t quite catch her eye and then with the start of the fallout, Bullock promptly pulled it back off in February 2008.

Fast-forward to more than a year later: Bullock has decided to debut the sprawling home once more and give it another go again. But with this property, there’s a catch-the offer for the six-floor abode is as is, absolutely no renovations included. The home has impressive features including a wine cellar, seven fireplaces, an elevator, and stunning views of the Empire State Building and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The views alone are enough to make you fall in love with the property. As for just how long it will take to sell, Bullock and listing broker, Nikki Field are unsure. Now, I know absolutely zilch about real estate but with features like these, my bet is, it won’t take long.

Via: The Real Deal