Suiting Up in Duca Sartoria

The summer vacations are over, and the sound of the sea in Italy is now only heard in my dreams. We are back to our crazy and fantastic lives in New York City—working, running, and partying, while always looking impeccable, of course.

This particular era in our lives is the time to focus on business. We are still working on surviving one of the worst recessions in our history (definitely in my history). So it is time to get back to work, focusing more on our careers and emerging stronger than ever.

In this economy, it is important to not only value your job but also be well dressed for it. Dressing as if you mean business, whether for a day at the office or any other engagement, is important, as it reminds you—and everyone around you—that you ARE working. The casual look did not have much success at the end of the financial world’s heyday, so it is time to get back to the “old style” of suits, suits, and more suits. Sometimes it may be appropriate to forget the tie, but in today’s day and age, it is all about suiting up!

These looks will help you feel more confident in your work environment, and remind you the powerful feeling you can get from the perfect suit.

Ciao a tutti,
Duca Sartoria
425 Madison Ave., Suite 1903
New York NY 10017

Windowpane Suit
A windowpane suit is one with both vertical and horizontal stripes. Both choices featured here have unique and colorful linings. In this first option, the brown of the paisley matches the stripes of the windowpanes. If you are interested in a highly coordinated look (it will show that you are a man who values attention to detail), match the suit with a pair of deep brown shoes.

The New Business Attire
This is a classic choice for a businessman. The cut always looks sharp, and I suggest going for a strong color for the pinstripe as it portrays a certain type of confidence. This is a suit for a dealmaker, a man who is strong and confident enough to say, “Yes, I am wearing royal blue pinstripes, and yes, it matches my tie and the jacket lining.” This shows that you are a man who pays attention to the minutest of details, which is important in any business environment.

Windowpane Suit
With the dark blue fabric featuring a burgundy check, this suit is very practical. It can be worn with a tie for a more formal look, or for a casual feel, you can go without. The jacket is very versatile; if you are on a trip and need a nice blazer to wear with your jeans, just add a matching handkerchief and you will be the king of the night.

The Power Suit
Words don’t do the power of this suit justice. It is made with one of the world’s top fabrics—Super 180’S wool—which makes for very sharp colors and details. The charcoal gray paired with the deep blue of the pinstripe and the light brown details makes it easy to match with various linings. However, to be a true power suit, it requires a serious dark blue lining. Feel free to choose a funky piping for the pocket, which will help personalize the suit to your tastes. The attention to this small detail helps reiterate that you are a powerful man who knows what he wants.