Spilling Secrets in Beverly Hills

For several months we have been taking readers on exclusive tours inside some of the most sumptuous estates that dot the landscape of Beverly Hills. In the most recent issue of Haute Living Los Angeles, Jeffrey Hyland, president of Hilton & Hyland, opens the opulent front gates of historic celebrity properties such as Cove Way, home of oil millionaire Burton E. Green, who is often credited as one of the founding fathers of America’s most famous zip code.

Hyland’s latest project, the book The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills, gets past those pesky security guards and cameras and offers the ultimate voyeuristic view for celebrity-obsessed fans. The manses highlighted on these pages are not only chockfull of every item constituting a luxury lifestyle, they are also filled with stories that beg the question, “If these walls could talk…”

The September/October issue also offers the chance for readers to take an ultimate sneak peek inside the mysterious rooms of Edward Laurence “Ned” Doheny Jr.’s abode, Greystone. As Hyland explains, Doheny’s “father was one of the nation’s richest men in the early 20th century thanks to his oil holdings. The 55-room, 46,000-square-foot, Tudor-style mansion, a gift from father to son, had cost an astounding $4 million dollars upon its 1929 completion.” Find out more about the unsolved mysteries associated with the mansion in our fall edition.

Via: Haute Living Los Angeles