Six Lames

Legend has it that Henri J. Sillam’s ancestor was such an adept and talented sword smith in Paris that from his precision arose the family name. Due to the quality and proficiency exuded by the man in his blades, the moniker “six lames” (six blades) was earned. Through the ages, that evolved into its present form, Sillam. The name still represents superiority and mastery.

Henri J. Sillam studied medicine at Yale and psychology at the University of Vienna.  Despite these science-based curriculums, his attention has always been drawn to beauty, such as the beauty found in flawless jewels and in a woman’s flawless sparkle when she is adorned in those jewels. Today, he is creative director and CEO of House of Sillam, thus personally responsible for designing some of the most exquisite jewelry available.

Each piece from House of Sillam is admirable and peerless. With unique designs such as The Deer necklace adorned in white and brown diamonds, and a white gold Pink Iguana brooch ornamented with diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, Sillam has a fearless doctrine of beauty. The classic diamond necklace has been reinvented with  the Sophie, and the exhilarating Icy Orange necklace is marvelously embellished in orange and yellow sapphires. The striking Green Turquoise necklace and the Diamond Buckle bracelets both have brilliant colors that radiate glamour. Throughout the line, one constant remains: each piece is simply extraordinary.

Sam Cole, former Broadway star and luxury hotel manager, couldn’t ignore the exceptional elegance of Sillam jewelry, and in 2008 partnered with Sillam to open the first U.S boutique in Beverly Hills.  Located within The Peninsula hotel off the “Golden Triangle,” the intimacy of the boutique offers a chic ambiance. The flagship Henry J. Sillam is located in Venice, and outposts are also found in Salzburg, Austria, and Paris.

Bespoke jewelry and haute joaillerie are the principle work of Sillam. Private customers may commission in-house designers and gemologists to create or alter designs to suite their individual wants and needs. The client’s privacy is always maintained and details are confidential unless otherwise waived.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Henri J. Sillam is a diamond’s soul mate.