Say Bye-Bye to Bungalow 8

Despite its name being splattered across the tabloids and chick-lit novels for several years, it seems as though New York has no more love for Bungalow 8.

After closing for renovations a few weeks ago, it has now become apparent that the once-hot Chelsea spot is done for.  Bungalow had a great run, with nine years (2001-2009) of celebrity endorsed popularity, yet owner Amy Sacco’s bad luck seems to have gotten her again.

Bungalow’s sister location in London (under the same name) is still in business, though apparently its popularity is dwindling as well.  This all seems to follow the fiscal history of Sacco, who not only had personal money troubles in 2008, but also owned two restaurants, Lot 61 and Bette, in addition to a condo development, all of which became financial flounders.

Interestingly, Sacco was working in conjunction with Bravo on a Bungalow-based reality show, which now holds an unclear fate. Reports indicate that the show may actually follow the closing of Bungalow 8 and the resurrection of Sacco’s next venture.  Bungalow 8, once blessed with frequented visits of the rich and famous, now takes on the burden of a fallen star.  Sacco clearly foreshadowed that the demise was on the horizon, as she voiced complaints in the past about what the neighborhood had become.

As is the way with all things New York — or in any city with a scene — it was only a matter of time before Bungalow 8’s nightlife magic wore off, bowing out gracefully for whatever hot new club-of-the-moment is next.

Via: Citifile