New Coffee Competition!

Next time you reach for a Starbucks bottled frappuccino, don’t be surprised if it has a new neighbor on the shelf.  Wolfgang Puck has just added to his line of retail food products by debuting ready-to-drink Culinary Iced Coffees.  The coffee is available in four flavors: Vanilla Fusion, Double Blend Mocha, Crème Caramel, and Café au Lait.  So what differentiates Wolfgang’s coffee from Starbucks?  Each of his Culinary Iced Coffees is certified organic, kosher, and only contain 120 calories per bottle.

Puck commented that, “The coffees selected were sourced from some of the world’s best, certified organic coffee farms in Ethiopia, Peru, Columbia, and Mexico.  As with any good recipe, we tinkered with just the right ratio of milk, sugar, and organic ingredients to create a well-balances and refreshing coffee drink.”

The iced coffee drinks will be priced at $2.39 for a single bottle, or available in a four pack for $7.99.  Available initially in Southern California and Las Vegas by the end of October, the drinks will be sold nationwide by the end of 2009 in select all natural grocers, such as Whole Foods Markets.  In addition the grocery stores, Wolfgang’s Culinary Iced Coffees will also be sold in Wolfgang Puck Express, Bistro, and in airports around the country.

Via: NRN