Blood to Black Diamond Lamborghini LP640

The Lamborghini LP640 has just been reinvented and, perhaps just in time for Halloween, the custom made Italian beauty has been named the Blood to Black Diamond, in reference to its striking paint job.

While the original Lamborghini LP640 was already one of the most powerful, beautiful, and undeniably luxurious cars to be launched in a long time, the Italian manufacturer teamed up with JP Design to further supersede high-end expectations for the model. Ranking amongst the best in regards to speed and power, the Lamborghini LP640’s custom design features a mess of carbon fiber and a dark red suede interior along with Blood to Black Diamond paint on the outside, making it one of the most unforgettable vehicles on the road.

Owners of this masterpiece can also choose to upgrade the Lamborghini LP640 to either 710 or 750 HP, and if you’re wondering what driving around in one of these is going to cost you, well quite frankly, in stark comparison to the Lamborghini Revention Roadster which costs $1.6 million, the Lamborghini LP640 is quite a good deal. The demonstration car will cost you $525,000, but if you prefer to have a new one with all of the specialized customizations done, it could cost up to $740,000.

Via: Luxury Launches