Luxurious Bachelor Pad Kitchen by Porsche

Porsche and German luxury kitchen makers Poggenpohl have reinvented the meaning of a kitchen. The P’7340 kitchen is designed to be a luxurious kitchen fit for any haute living man’s bachelor pad, and women around the world are rejoicing at the thought of a kitchen that just may sway high powered men to venture into that formally-dreaded kitchen a little more often.

This modular inspired kitchen is incredibly contemporary and lustrous with black chrome fixtures, sleek aluminum and textured-wood frames, and appropriate for any modern man, it even features a sound system. Unlike a classic fitted kitchen, a rectangle provides a formal translation of a functional principle by allowing the kitchen components to be designed without constraint, meaning they can be positioned anywhere within the frame providing true flexibility and personalization.

Cabinets, door flaps, drawers, and pull-out units can all be opened without handles by responding to a light press of the finger. An equally delicate push shuts the units and within the last few inches of closure, the fixtures automatically pull themselves into the fully closed position. However, if handles are preferred on some units by a customer, practical aluminum rail handles can easily be added to underscore the kitchen’s smooth horizontal lines.

In order to match the exclusiveness and beauty of this kitchen, reduction and innovation in convenience are essential components incorporated into the “Kitchen for Men” design, allowing most appliances to be managed with touch controls. Apparently, the only thing left for the modern and sophisticated man to do is to decide what is for dinner.
Via: Luxury Launches and Poggenpohl