Haute Yacht: The Marino 52

When it comes to choosing a yacht, certain specifications may deem more crucial for some than others. Now, however, there is a spectacular new choice for yacht enthusiasts, and it’s guaranteed to make even the toughest client supremely content.

The latest yacht to hit the luxury seas is the Alfra Vico Marino 52, a unique and exquisite yacht, no matter how, or from what angle, you look at it. Meeting the needs of even the most discerning clients, the Marino 52 was designed by Barrett Prelogar and Franco Marino Cagnina with all of the amenities, comforts, and luxuries that could possibly be conceived of on board a yacht, and then some. Alfra Vico note, “We begin by thinking critically about the frustrations that have traditionally attended the yachting experience—things that have universally challenged or troubled boaters for decades. Then we challenge some of the conventional wisdom that has often pointed to the same tired solutions.”

The yacht’s designers envisioned the Marino 52 as “motion art” of the highest level and with its apparent “artsy” exterior; the high-tech materials used for this technically inspired yacht are of lifelong quality and beauty. “The Marino 52 stands staunchly as a highly technical yachting achievement that appeals to the visual purist,” says Alfra Vico.

In terms of meeting haute standards, the Marino 52 leaves no stone unturned. From the cleats to the projectile anchor and from the convertible exterior lounge-sofas to the fully computer-controlled helm station, the yacht delivers. The features of this incredibly enticing yacht seem endless, and when concealment panels are stowed  a highly polished stainless sink, microwave, refrigerator, ice maker, electric cook top, BBQ grill and trash compactor are revealed.

In addition, the Marino 52 offers a completely unique versatile system for multiple configurations of tables, bars, lounge seating, and sunbathing depending on personal preference and number of people on board. The tables can be used in full-width mode for meals, or folded over in half for use as a bar—exposing drink holders and standing-height grab rails. “Alternatively, these same sections can be raised to low table height, at which point the lounge sofas (whose bottom cushions are smartly doubled over), can be unfolded to fully span the raised deck section to provide an enormous sun lounge,” adds Alfra Vico. Spacious enough to entertain 15 to 18 people for a day of extreme extravagance, the Marino 52 is the ultimate in exploring the sea in distinctive style.

Via: Born Rich and Alfra Vico