Rock Week Takes Over Miami Night Life

Here we go again! Rock Fashion Week is back in Miami this October with a little of something for everyone.

Ladies. Just have a tough breakup and want to leaving the guy kicking himself? On October 15th and 16th come see Lorie Lester, Ra Mona La Rue by Arianne and Ella Bella Rozio for some enticing, flirty dresses that are bound to drive your ex back into your arms or into a cave where he belongs, out of sight and out of mind.

Guys. Looking to throw a wild bachelor party for a wild guy? On October 16th come witness Bullets 4 Peace with tantalizing body painted girls wearing nothing but a few accessories. And on the 17th come back for biatta Intimates and try not to stare too hard at all the sexy models parading around in slinky lingerie. What better way to spend your bachelor party weekend than on the sunny Miami beaches scoping out all the beautys in the day and at night hitting up some major hotspots with even more beautiful ladies to feast your eyes on.

Those of you who are interesting in catching a peak at a one of the many celebrities that will be omnipresent in Miami that weekend we know the best places to find them. On Wednesday, October 14th The Pink Dress Collection benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure will be hosted by Dennis Rodman. And knowing Dennis he will not come without a few of his buddies tagging along to help support the cause. Also on the 14th, come see ARGYLECULTURE with Russell Simmons. Friday is going to be a bit of a surprise for us all. At the Birgit C. Muller Couture show we know that there will be a celebrity there… but who? We do not know. Unfortunitly we have to wait till October 16th to find out.

This season’s designers will not only entice Miami’s fashionistas, but will also have shows to entertain Miami’s philanthropists, “macho men” and celebrity hunters. As a fashionista myself, I will see you there!