Haute Accessory: Montblanc Diego Rivera Fountain Pen

As a writer, there is little that tickles my spontaneous-purchase fancy more than a beautiful writing instrument. Fortunately for me, and less fortunately for my bank account, Montblanc are constantly providing solace for my cravings in the form of limited edition fountain pens, among a multitude of other beautiful products.

The latest writer’s treat coming out of Montblanc is the limited edition Diego Rivera fountain pen. Entering into the company’s diversified portfolio of collector’s pens, the Diego Rivera soundly qualifies as one of the most unique, beautiful and mechanically elegant fountain pens available.

The recently introduced Diego Rivera Limited Edition was conceived to honor Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, and is a true testament to the Swiss company’s superb artistic craftsmanship.

The barrel of the pen is made of solid gold embellished with a black lacquer patter which lends to the instrument’s uniqueness. The cap features a complex design, assembled from a finely delineated large 18 karat gold construct with a black sapphire trimming and a finely shaped handmade joint with a rhodium coated 18 karat gold nip.

Via: Gentleman’s Gadgets