Francis Ford Coppola Buys on Ocean Drive, Miami

Those familiar with the star-studded streets of South Beach may not be too surprised to hear that Miami may be home to a new celebrity.

Reports have been roaming about legendary film director and Haute Living cover Francis Ford Coppola who was seen in South Beach recently and purchased an apartment above Café Milano on the infamous Ocean Drive, facing the turquoise shores of the Atlantic.

It is unknown why he chose to move to the street that is not typically chosen as a residence for high-profile celebrities, instead of the more private island residences, or high-rise buildings they tend to flock to. In fact, Gianni Versace and Rupert Everett were the last celebs to be known to live on the touristy ocean strip of South Beach.

Some are speculating that Coppola may have purchased the entire building, restaurant, and villas to add to his luxury resort collection that includes properties in Belize, Guatemala, Argentina, New Orleans, and Italy. The website for his collection actually boasts, “South Beach Loft” in Miami, so it’s possible that speculations may turn into realities and Ocean Drive spectators will have a new luxury destination.

Via: The Miami Herald