Fall Asleep at Fallingwater

Frank Lloyd Wright, quite possibly America’s most famous architect, designed the house called Fallingwater.  Built for the Kauffman family, it is perched over a waterfall. It immediately  became famous. It has been a National Historic Landmark for years, and now, it is also a hotel.

Until recently, admirers of Fallingwater had to limit their visits to a one- or two-hour-long group tour of the home, or perhaps a $100 per person Sunday brunch or sunset hors d’oeuvres.  However, the new Insight Onsite Program at Fallingwater allows architecture buffs to explore the site for three days at a time.  Limited to eight visitors per session, the three-day seminar includes cocktails and dinners at the iconic residence.  The only thing Fallingwater falls short on—is sleeping arrangements.  The guests do not actually sleep within the iconic residence; instead they stay at the newer, four-bedroom cottage on the property.  (The guesthouse was originally built for the Kauffman’s accountant.)

Falling asleep at Fallingwater with a waterfall right outside your window sure beats sleeping with a sound machine imitating it and this experience for all three days only costs $1,195-$1,595 per person depending on private bedrooms or shared rooms.

Via: Metropolismag