Entourage’s Jeremy Piven Running Real Estate Circles in NYC

Jeremy Piven is one of those celebrities that people just can’t seem to get enough of. No matter how mundane his day-to-day activities may be, die-hard fans of his show Entourage follow loyally. This week, however, Piven has been running circles around fans and the media as he stayed in New York City sparking rumors left and right that he’s buying property…again. Some reports are indicating this is some sort of Piven-media-tactic us non-celebs just can’t understand, with records of Piven playing real estate tag numerous times before. Let me explain.

Last week Piven was in New York City to promote his new film. Nothing out of the ordinary about that, right? He was saying in a luxurious three-bedroom, 4,800-square-foot triplex penthouse in the Prime condo building at 333 W. 14 Street for a week. While he was there, it was reported that Piven may actually be interested in buying the triplex penthouse—but Piven tends to be notorious for getting his name in the media for his “considerations of buying properties” everywhere he goes. Skeptics are assuming one of two things; either Piven is allowing developers to use his name as publicity for free, or in exchange for using his name as a ‘potential buyer’, Piven is accepting free lodging for his time at these temporary lodgings.

This past week’s real estate confusion is just one of many times over the past few years when Piven has been involved in “considering buying where he’s staying” before, eventually, the deal falls through.

On the other hand, Piven does actually own a 2,242-square-foot house in Malibu, California which he purchased in 2004 for $3.5 million. He also previously owned (and then sold) the following properties: a 1,736-square-foot house in Santa Monica, California, and a top-floor loft unit in Chicago.

As for the Prime condo building…well, resident Entourage fans should probably not hold their breath in anticipation of having Piven as their neighbor. While one never knows for sure until Piven makes his next move, history does speak volumes for the actor, and betting against it is probably a safe bet.

Via: Big Time Listings