Balan: Making Friends Everywhere

Nello Balan is gracing our blogs again, though this time it isn’t linked to a $20k lunch. No, this time Balan is garnering attention for another lawsuit, this time he is being sued by two of his suppliers for his Madison Avenue restaurant, Nello.

Apparently, Balan has some past-due bills to West Conn Meat in the Bronx, a tab that’s run up to about $28,000 at this point. But that’s not all. Over on the East Side, Pisacane Mid-Town Corp. has a score to settle with Balan to the tune of $16,400.

His Southampton dining spot, Nello Summertimes (I love his creative names!) is involved in an additional suit for $14,000 and even jeweler Chopard has a past due bill with Balan’s name on it for some diamond earrings worth $50,000.

Deemed a “slow player in the industry” by Randy Sarf, a credit collections company big shot; he really should consider tweaking that description to slow payer.

Via: NY Post